Sunday, January 30, 2011


Everywhere you go now days everything is automatic. Automatic stairs, automatic doors, and the restrooms where everything is automatic. There are some things in this world that are simplified for cleanliness, people with handicaps, and people who are just plain lazy. I'm sure we can all categorize ourselves accordingly. However, some of those things are a pain in the ass for us with no hands, small hands, or in some cases, normal hands.

I mean really, how hard is it to turn the water on, dispense your own soap, and release your own paper towel? Apparently, pretty hard. Over the years I have had many fights with different types of these devices because they do NOT work for anyone with a missing hand, of any kind. The instructions read, "Wave hand in front of sensor." Straightforward, right? Of course, if you have something to "wave" in front of the stupid thing. When you spend 10 minutes fighting with water that clearly does not speak back to you, it becomes very frustrating. I am not only speaking from experience, but I saw a kid with both hands trying to get the water to work with him and he looked at me like, "What's wrong?" I just laughed and said, "Don't worry, it won't work for me either." To me, it isn't about efficency, but effectiveness. Sure, automatic everything makes everyone move faster....I mean it must since it wants to think for you and send you on your way. But, it's not always the case. The it's the little things in life typical peers do not think twice about. And, it's times like these that I am happy to relate to a typical person with the same frustration while it being a totally different circumstance.

Another circumstance is that I am working with a teenage girl who finds it almost impossible to fit in socially because of the technological developments that are great for people who are able to use them, but alienate those who are not adequately suited to do so. For instance, the latest and greatest gadgets are the Ipad and Wii. When you are at the age where everyone has both and you cannot use any without it clearly being noticeable, the challenge becomes pressure and it completely takes the fun out of any activity. However, in order to be "socially accepted" you have to find ways around challenges. It never stopped me from the Wii, Ipad, or any other device because I didn't give it a chance. Yes, everyone moves out of the way when I am playing baseball or golf on Wii, and that the controller is tighly fastened so the TV doesn't shatter, but in order to overcome challenges, you have to live them. It really isn't all that bad once you figure it all out. Personally, I don't use an Iphone or touch screen, I have to use a blackberry because of the size and shape that fits in my hand.

The last question I received was, "How do you dispense candy from a quarter machine without it going all over the floor?" Good question. Another little fact nobody thinks about. The answer to that is, you don't use loose candy machines, or you use someone elses hand to catch it for you. Brooke would dispense mine and hers...Yes, she was 3 and I was 23, but she never minded, as long as I "shared" my handful with her. Hey, it always works out. But, if your like me, you just go buy a bag of may not last longer, but there will never be any wasted. :)

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