Sunday, May 29, 2011

Springing into Summer!

Spring has definitely arrived at Ferguson Mountain. I have been spending most of my time at the cabin, as I will most of the year. With that, comes 3.5 acres of high maintenance yardwork and we have more project ideas then we have energy or time to start...or complete. So far, Arnie and I have planted the "orchard" and garden in hopes they will supply a bountiful amount of fruits and veggies.

Besides the never-ending work around the house, I am in 5 classes this summer. Cramming has a whole new meaning. However, I love what I study, so it isn't so bad. Also, I am finally able to put my "skills" to work as I have started working for a factoring company, Aberdeen Funding. Lucky for me, I work remote...which makes life so much easier! Lastly, I think I have once again decided to double major, and get my accounting degree as well. One, because I'm a glutton for punishment, but more importantly, I will not go back and get it once I graduate. So, more fun in store for the Parrott-Kelley family!

The reason I decided to post an update was because we attended a festival in Waynesville yesterday and there were so many crafters who were having so much fun doing what they love. Whether it was a bluegrass group, cloggers, woodworkers, or hunters, they were truly passionate in their job and that made me think about dropping my accounting degree just because I could graduate a whole semester earlier, if that, is not smart. While there were many people who recognized me from always perusing the town, there was one guy that pointed at me from across the street and motioned with his little (literally) finger to come. I was a little apprehensive at first because he was so persistent, and the fact that if you've spent any time in the mountains there are more people who fit the term "mountain man" than not. This man clearly and appropriately played the part. But, as I was surrounded by hundreds of my closest mountain friends, I made my way to his booth. I motioned with his stick to sit down beside him. At this point I thought I was getting ready to be a part of some demonstration or something, but then he muttered, "How'd you get like that?" When I replied, "I was born like this", he said, "me too!" He had club hands and feet. I am so used to not paying attention to physical traits, I did not notice. He was retired from the civil service and is a blacksmith here in town. Pretty awesome. He was probably in his 50s, maybe 40s, but his deformity was caused by Thalidomide. Those of you who are not familiar with the causes, this is a drug that pregnant women took back in the day when they were pregnant which was the main cause for missing limbs. I think it was the first person I have ever met with that cause. All-in-all, it's always so interesting to meet people with any kind of physical difference, but even more fun when I can relate. After sitting with him for a while, he made sure to ask, "You don't let it slow you down, do you?" I assured him it didn't and promised it would never. My parents and friends were there also and they re-assured him I am a bit stubborn. After meeting him, as well as everyone who was near the booth, I realized how happy these people are that have so little, but the passion they have for their work made their life worth so much more!

So, why start holding back on what I want now? The thought of graduating with anything less than I want would be stupid. The thought of being held back from traveling and pursuing the job I want would also be stupid. I may not get my Wall Street job out of college, I'd settle with Rockefeller In the end, it doesn't matter where you end up as long as you have the goals and dreams set, and settle for nothing less...regardless of your physical or learning difference. In fact, it may give you a slight advantage because you tend to be remembered in a positive light!

Love to All,