Monday, May 5, 2014

Fingerprints, or lack thereof!

Hi everyone! As always, it’s been a while. I thought I would have more time once I was out of school to blog, but not so much. In fact, the last time I checked in, I was getting ready to start my new career. It’s WONDERFUL, by the way. I could not ask for a better place to spend my days, with the most caring, inviting and helpful group of people. AND, they don’t cut me any slack…even when I pull the one 2-finger, one handed nonsense. I know…story of my life! :)

Anyway, for those who may not know, I have wanted to pass my Series 7 (Stockbroker’s exam) for YEARS. Well the time has come. But, before it can happen I had to have my fingerprints re-done because the fingerprints that are on file with the FBI when I was hired are “illegible”…I know, I couldn’t believe it either!! So, I went back, had them re-captured. When I walked in, it was almost as if the employees wanted each other to notice me first because they knew it was going to be painful. Well, it was. I froze their system again…and ended up just having to leave. It’s funny because everyone is always so apologetic, as if it’s their fault I have 2 fingers and computer systems have NO CLUE how to “override” the system. And, just as I thought, they were still illegible…dangit. So now what? Oh, of course, go get them done AGAIN! Yep, by that point it was just a joke. But, I went to the sheriff’s office this time, spent an hour…shutting down their system 3 times…but by golly, I came out with some fingerprints!!! Poor lady, she was determined we were going to give them something, but she admitted that she was “stumped”…literally. While people were still a little perturbed by the process I had to go through, I assured them that us “lucky fingerless few” never do anything easy. Why do things the “normal” way when you can change it up and make them figure out how to do things DIFFERENTLY. It’s an awesome feeling knowing you are forcing people to “think outside the box.” God forbid. After a lot of explaining to the right people, they finally understood we were going to be chasing our tail for a while, because as silly as it sounds…………..I will always have one hand. Truth hurts sometimes, but they finally accepted it. Lol.

Having gone through this, I wonder…..has no one else with a “Lucky fin” ever had to have fingerprints? Is there really no Plan B? Does that mean I re-wrote the process for the future “Lucky fins?” And WHY IN THE WORLD is there a stereotype that everyone is the same…because that isn’t the case…ever! In fact, my buddy, Ryan Haack, who is over at, is trying to publish a book to put in libraries and homes everywhere to educate kids and adults that everyone is different and DIFFERENT IS AWESOME. If you are interested in helping him, on behalf of all of us in the “Lucky Fin” community would LOVE to see him get this published. Here is the link:

So, as I sit in my hotel room on the 1st night of my “cram course”…I reflect on all of the different roads I traveled to be to this point and it’s a little (okay, A LOT) scary! As if you can’t tell, my mind is all over the place. Happy, hopeful, ready, but more importantly….blessed. I almost feel like it’s not real, but SO excited that I may actually finally achieve this dream. I have an incredible support parents, my whole WFA team, and the best guy who encouraged me to leave him at home with 4 dogs, during a busy time for him at work…and missing his birthday. I am a pretty lucky girl.

That’s all the fun I have for now, but after I lick this testing business, I guess I’ll be able focus on making more fingerprints. :)

Until next time………………

If you can dream it, you can do it! Now get out there!

Love to All,