Monday, December 12, 2011

Touch and be touched!

As many of you know, I am not very good at keeping up with this blog, but now that I am between semesters, I will do my best to update my post, as promised!

My mom and I were traveling this past week to visit our family in Texas for Christmas and during those 4 days many things happened that made me reflect on how important family-time is and how you can motivate others without realizing. The intention of my posts are to educate others on the differences of people and that everyone is different whether it is physical or not.

On our way back from Texas, we stopped to eat at Cracker Barrel and I noticed the woman next to me staring at me the entire time. I ignored it, as usual, because I am stared at everywhere I go, which is understandable. I thought she just wanted a bite of my which case she'd be better off asking for my other arm because I do not share food. :)

As we got up to leave, she stood and confessed she had been watching me eat the whole time and was amazed at how well I maneuvered. I acted as if I didn't realize she had been eye-balling me and thanked her for her compliment. She then went on about how God put her next to me for a reason and how I inspired her to not only think before she complained, but continue to think everytime she felt as if something is too difficult. She gave me a hug and said to continue to inspire others and she will always think of Me.

It made me happy to hear her say she was touched by something I have no control over. I get compliments occasionally, but when someone tells me I am put here to help others and inspire them to push forward, that is what makes me truly believe those of us who have to struggle everyday are the ones who have to push harder. I don't see me as being different, but I am thankful to those who take the time to know there is a difference and acknowledge that we are capable of the same things, just in a different way.

The other side of this is people always wonder why I try to stay fit or attempt things I probably shouldn't. Well, for one, if I don't try something, I'll never know if I can do it. (Duh!) Like, using knives, saw, hammer, ax, etc...I promise everyone who has told be to be careful has hurt themselves more times than they have warned me. It's all about logistics when you have to adapt. Trust me, you know where you can't go wrong! I have no spares, but I am willing to stretch my limits! The best advice I give is to stay out of my way because I know I am safe, but one slip and anything around me is in extreme And, for the ones who hound me about my size. Well, you try to tie your shoes with your elbow and let me know how long it takes because you can't bend low enough. Same as buttoning your pants, shirts, etc...go ahead and try. Let me know how far you get and how much time it took. I can do it without thinking, but only because I have no choice!

The typical person who goes about the day without having to worry about these little details, when you have to think before doing ANYTHING, you tend to appreciate the things you have and to not complain, because sometimes it is more rewarding to focus on what you lack.

Again, that is the reason I started the blog to begin inform others and make them realize the importance of appreciating what you have. And, that if you see someone with a physical is OKAY. The worst thing you can do is treat us different...or think we can't keep up, because I promise we can and we will!!!

Love to all,