Sunday, July 15, 2012

Push 'em ups!

Recently, I started living at my home in North Carolina and have left behind a few of my daily essentials.  One, is my treadmill, or semi-flat land to run on.  So, I take hikes up the mountain, work around the property, or use an eliptical (...boring!).  Secondly, I miss my bike.  But, trying to trek up and down these mountain roads are out of the question....without a bike arm.  So, I had my dad bring my old gymnastic arm up so I can try to find an attachment to fit the arm and bike. 

In the meantime, I thought I would pick up where I left off a dozen years ago and do push-ups with my arm.  F-U-N-N-Y!!!  I was okay until I went down and never came back up!  I looked at it that arm like...seriously, you can't even do 1 push-up, Bri!?  For someone who can lift anything, that arm was not all.  In fact, I was ready to put it back in the drawer for another dozen years and hope it got stronger!  But, it was just that!  I hadn't put it on in so many years, I was out of practice (and totally out of shape!), and of course I was going to try to do something super challenging (for me) instead of something simple (whatever that is).  As I look at all of these children that I am teaching, helping, and showing that anything is possible; I realize THEY are teaching and 'pushing' me to do more!  This weeks goal is doing 10 push-ups.  It will happen.  I may die, but it will happen!  :)

"The only disability in life is a bad attitude!" - Scott Hamilton

Whether you have all of your limbs, or none, you are 'stumped'...somehow.  ;)

So, what is your challenge?  Whatever it is....PUSH ON!!!   

Love to All,