Friday, January 14, 2011

Sisters will be Sisters!

When you think about Sisters, you automatically think of sharing, right? WRONG! The only thing we shared without a fight was the attempt to break into our parents room in the middle of the night to make pallets. Most often than not, we got busted and sent back to our rooms. Or did we? Either way, we were the normal set of siblings who would have loved to have a good swing at each other if the chance was given, but (most) always rekindled our differences.

Le'Ann absolutely hated that I called her 'Sister' well into our teens, and the fact that I got to eat with 'special' silverware made by my cousin and she had to use a 'boring' fork. Eventually, I used the normal silverware and she, along with the rest of the kids, used mine. Anyway, I looked up to her for everything. Well, most everything. Our favorite thing to play was school. We had a life size barbie dollhouse, every barbie, ken, and accessory known to man, a playroom full of babies and God knows what else; and here we were with our parents magazines, playing school. Go figure! But, I always had to be the student because I was youngest and she was oldest. I didn't know at the time I was being had by my own sister, but I played along until Ms. Bossypants made me into her slave. For whatever reason, I think I dropped out of class and resumed to Barbie-land where the only thing that stumped me was trying to braid Barbie's hair like her. Frustrated-the-heck-out-of-me!! She would try to teach me and would say, "Bri, just do it like this!!!!" as if I could whip out my magical fingers and make it happen. Either way, she or Mom would do it, and I would usually mess it right back up. Oh, the fun we had!!

There was a time I recall when she put me our baby's stroller and she ran me into everything in our house. She had a blast, however I could not undo the buckles on the stroller, so I was helpless bait. She would then take my elbow and pinch the fire out of it, again, out of pure meanness! Oh, but when I finally broke free, it was on! I may be little, but when I struck, I left a mark!

Okay, so we didn't ALWAYS argue. There were days we schemed up ideas to get out of going to Church, taking a bath, or doing homework. It was all her idea. I was the angel there for back-up purposes only. (haha!) Did I mention I never got in trouble? I probably should for future reference. It wasn't because I have one arm, it was simply because I was very sensitive and the "look" was all it took to put me into tears. Le on the other hand had enough mouth for both of us, so I let her do the back talking. :)

When we both hit our teens, lord help our parents, it was on! I wanted everything of mine to be mine, she wanted everything of hers to be hers. God help us all if we even eye-balled one anothers closets, make-up, or shoes. We would push, shove, throw punches one minute, and the next, be happy as clams together. Thinking back, there were not too many instances where we were treated any different, or thought about us being any different. We clearly lived the typical sister-sister lifestyle. I remember I always wanted to hang out with her and her friends and I still not 'cool' enough. Well, sweet little Bri decided to turn everyones bras into icicles. A few rounds of that and I became inducted into the 'big-girl' club!

All in all, 'Sister' made me who I am able to be today. Dependent, because if I asked for a favor, it was backfired with, "No, you have two fingers, get it yourself!" Then one of her friends usually came to the rescue (Thanks Summer, Jackie, Jennifer, Kimberly, and anyone else I left out!) A fighter, because...well, if you re-read the blog you will see how much we loved one another. :) LOL..Not really. I could go on, but I want to ease you into our childhood background before I added surgeries, prosthetic limbs flying around, or many of the other theatrical moments most families don't get to encounter!

My Mom always said we would end up being bestfriends when we grew up. As children, we couldn't fathom the thought. But, as usual, she was right!

Love to All,


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