Monday, January 24, 2011

Mousy Monday!

Today, a received an email from a Mom and mentioned how her daughter carries things under her arm or under her neck when trying to carry more than one thing, due to only having the use of one hand. My answer to this, after I stopped smiling, was ME TOO!!! You have to make use of what you have, however you can. That prompted me to think of all the things I've held using other parts. Not many of you think twice when carrying your phone, drink, and laptop at once. You just pick it up and go. When you have one arm, you have to analyze every situation carefully in order to dodge disaster. Like, laptop in hand, phone under arm, and drink? Drink in hands, laptop under your arm, and phone goes in the mouth. Yes, PERFECT!

Not every situation goes that easy, but they ALL end up working out somehow. Three things you have to remember when living or being around someone with one hand: Your mouth and knees become your second hand and you can pretty much pick anything up with your feet. Sounds freaky, right? Trust me, after my 2nd round of braces, my orthodontist hates that fact! But when you think about it, how do you open a jar? Two hands. Nope, not us. You get on the floor, put it between your knees and after a while it pops right off. How do you open chips? Two hands. Or, if your like me, you pop them and hope the bottom doesn't fall out, or use your teeth. After all these years, just a couple weeks ago, my Aunt asked,"What happened to this bag?" and someone immediately responded with, "Bri opened them." Not only did that start a laughing fit in the house, but everyone wondered, "How the hell did you get it to open like that?" Again, it takes talent. These are types of things you (we) have to figure out on your own. Don't try to help, don't tell me how to do it, and don't mention, "It'll be easier if you just let me do it," because I promise, it's not. I will only ask for help if it goes all over the floor...and chances are, it will not.

Another short-cut to carrying things is to hold it up against you, very tightly. Makes it easier to control what you are holding...unless the thing is an animal, bug, or rodent. I, of course, was the tom-boy of the family. I mean, why not? Of course I wanted to hunt, fish, cut, climb, and anything dare-devilish. I climbed the kitchen cabinets to get what I needed, scaled the chest of drawers, climb fences, and whatever else I had to in order not to ask for help.

My sister wouldn't get near anything muddy, sweaty, or anything dirt related. My lucky mother was horrified at the fact I dug worms, chased mice, and caught every cricket in Ferris. What's wrong with that, you say? I had to bring it all inside to show my days work...held up against me as if the dead rodent was going to leap out of my hand. Grossed her completely out. I then would proceed to chase her and my Sis around the house because they were afraid of bugs and dead I loved it! And yes, leave it to the 2-fingered girl to check mice traps, catch spiders, and rescue them from scary daddy-long legs. But, anyway, that's how I had to hold things because you can't cup anything in a hand with 2 fingers. It would fall through my fingers and tick me off. So, I killed everything that was captured. Sad now that I think about it, but at the time, that was the only logical option. Now, to you Mom's who want to know why everything your one-armed child brings you is dead, you know! It's not out of meanness, but determination. Very different. :o)

There are so many other stories, but I will withhold my grossness for another day. With that, I hope I have made you ready for what you have in store for tomorrow!

Love to All,


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