Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On my last leg...

A month or so ago I started running and immediately fell into training for my first half-marathon. While I have performed better than expected, I am still not completely sold that I am yet a "runner." I have, however, learned I am not a cold weather, bad weather, or any weather besides sunny and at least 45 degree runner. I'm not picky, really...just with this running business. So, this past weekend I set out for an 8 miler because according to my training schedule, that's how long I should be able to go. Being the stubborn, hard-headed, and ornery person I am, that's how far I was going to run...if it killed me. Thankfully, it didn't and I managed to finish, but then the fun began. The stabbing-knife feeling that sticks me everytime I walk has been haunting me as if I'm being punished for accomplishing the not so reasonable goal I set out to achieve. I have tried to forget about the pain radiating in my foot for the past couple days, but after exhausting my usual "walk it off" approach, I have come to the conclusion something just ain't right. I still think I can run it off, but I've been advised otherwise, so for once I should probably listen to what someone tells me to do. :)

With that, I am down to one foot. Something new to me. Never been down to one working leg, so, if anyone has any experience in this department and has an idea of some exercises to do that doesn't involve all your hands or feet, please let me know!! Thanks.

Love to All,


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